3D Modeling and CAD Services

IDC offers custom drawing support with an emphasis on accuracy and efficiency.  Our final product features a reduced file size and common file types - making it easy to share design models with team members.
3D Modeling & CAD Products Offered:
  • Marketing Model
    • Simplified models with reduced file size.  A great option for connection configurations to help reduce costs.
  • Model Assembly / Reviews
    • Complete detailed model and a review of the model.  Powerpoint provided documents findings.
  • 3D Modeling
    • Parts designed in ProE & Drawings created.  Based off customer needs / design.
  • Installation Drawings
    • Drawing with dimensions & connection callouts.  Detail of SL parts when applicable.
  • P&ID
    • Diagram of system (fuel, cooling, etc.) identifying valves, sensors, and more.
Technical Model

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