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Linear Vibration and Torsional Vibration Study for an Engine Driven Compressor System

In 2014 our Technical Manager, Josh Braun, presented at the Torsional Vibration Symposium in Salzburg, Austria. The presentation covered highlights from IDC's recent study, "Linear and Torsional Vibration Study for an engine Driven Compressor System." The piece presented by our team focused on the coupled linear and torsional vibration behavior of an engine driven compressor system analyzed in both time and frequency domain. The article, co-written by our Lead Engineer - Wenchao Wang, PhD, discussed the linear dynamic response of a compressor frame caused by crankshaft rotating speed differences due to torsional resonance. They extended a previous paper's findings to a more comprehensive study, including additional parameters such as torsional resonance, phasing angle, self-balance, multiple orders, and multiple stages. Our team is looking forward to presenting new research at the 2017 TV Symposium!

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