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We specialize in the Dynamic Simulation of Mechanical Systems. Our expertise and capabilities in Torsional Vibration Analysis, CAE / CAD, and other sophisticated dynamic analyses are unmatched in the industry. We have a Professional Engineer on staff to help our customers with PE Review and Stamping, if needed.

With headquarters in the United States, IDC serves customers in the Western Hemisphere and Europe. Our fully staffed office in Chennai, India serves customers in the Eastern Hemisphere.


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Marine Power​

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Municipal spacer

Electric Power Generation

Diagnosis of Coupling Failure on Motor Driven Compressor


A motor driven compressor had been experiencing periodic failures of the shim packs in its metal coupling. Strain gages and wireless telemetry were used to measure dynamic torque levels in the coupling and determine that there was a torsional resonance occurring very close to the system operating speed of 600 rpm. A torsional model of the driveline was correlated to match the test results and was then used to determine the appropriate size of internal compressor de-tuner that should be added to move the system away from resonance at operating speed.


Automotive Shock Absorber Spring Pad Failure Correlation


Exact match of the failure pattern in the spring pad of an automotive shock absorber system was simulated using the measured loads. By changing the design at the hole locations in the pad, IDC enabled the customer overcome the failure issue.





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