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Come See IDC at GMC

We have a lot of exciting news about the GMRC's Gas Machinery Conference! IDC will presenting a technical paper explaining the basics and benefits of a torsional vibration analysis report. Our Lead Engineer is also teaching part of a short course that is a comprehensive class covering all aspects of TVA for reciprocating compressors. Greg Funk, our company President, will present "An Introduction to Torsional Vibration Analysis" on Tuesday, October 2nd at 1:15 PM. This intro is specifically designed to demonstrate the necessity of a TVA from an over-all project point-of-view. A list of required data for engine and motor driven reciprocating compressor units, discussion about the torsional model and torsional results, examples of changes made to a system in order to meet manufacturer recommendations, and the benefits of correlating torsional models to on-site test data will be covered in this session. An Intro to TVA is specifically designed for those whose role requires them to be involved in the TVA analysis, but don't need an intensive understanding of the industry's torsional guidelines, such as Purchasing Engineers, Field Engineers, and Project Managers. If this is you, make sure you don't miss this presentation! "Control of Torsional Vibration in Direct-Driven Separable Reciprocating Compressors" is a short course on Wednesday, October 3rd at 1:00 PM. This course is a collaborative effort from the experts in the TVA field. IDC's Lead Engineer, Wenchao Wang, PhD, PE will be teaching this course alongside other experts in the field (Troy Feese, Ed Hauptmann, Alasdair Robinson, W. Norm Shade, and Charles Yeiser). This short course provides the guidelines and detailed technical information for TVA consultants to follow, along with the guidelines for the project leader to evaluate the necessity of the TVA. The level of detail and discussion will teach project engineers to understand the report content. This course was created with TVA consultants, Technical Managers, and Project Engineers in mind. Also, as always, IDC will be in the exhibit hall for the entire show and our analysts will be available to talk to colleagues and customers. Make sure you stop by Booth 440 to talk to vibration analysis experts! For more information on this conference or to register go to: #motordrivencompressor #enginedrivencompressor #TVA #torsionalvibrationanalysis #technicalpaper #shortcourse #GMRC #GasMachineryConference

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