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IDC at the TV Symposium

May 17-19th marked the 2nd time IDC has attended the Torsional Vibration Symposium in Salzburg, Austria. The Symposium was two days of presentations and papers that covered many of the subtopics of torsional vibration.

Josh Braun, our Technical Manager, attended the Symposium as IDC’s representative. He values both the educational and social opportunities the Symposium provides for engineers in the Torsional Vibration field. Josh attended presentations and discussions that covered many areas of torsional vibration. Some of his favorites were the discussions that covered the dependence of rubber coupling dynamic stiffness on factors including vibration amplitude, vibration frequency, speed, and pre-load.

The Symposium also had a Welcome Dinner and Gala Dinner in order to give participants the chance to meet new people in the field, and time to reconnect with others. Josh appreciated the opportunity meet people that he’s only been able to work with previously via email or over the phone, because they are based in Europe and IDC is in the US.

IDC is looking forward to attending the next Torsional Vibration Symposium in 2020!

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